A Job Change

It came as quite a shock last month, to come back from lunch and find that after 12 years at WildWorks, I had a letter in my inbox saying I was being let go. They downsized the company by half and my position was eliminated. 

They were pretty good to me with a severance package and helping with leads to a new position. I tried to get an in-person job at a local studio, but none of them panned out. One major mistake I made was that I interviewed at Deck Nine early on and they said to come back to them if I decided that remote was fully on the table. I forgot to get back in touch with them in the scramble of the last week of searching before my first serious job offer expired, and I regret it. 

In the end I decide to accept that offer and now I work at N3TWORK making mobile games:

Things have been going pretty well so far there. In the mean time I am seeking out a coworking space to work from. 

In other news, I am still working on editing my novel, and I am still working on Narcalid. I still plan to run the Utah IGDA if people are okay with that. I am grateful for everyone's support and for everyone that plays games with me. 


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