Quarantine Time

Here is a quick update in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also a followup to the time travel post from last time. 

Work is slowly progressing on story mixer online. I was finally able to join a room on the server which is the first big step. Now there are like 5 more steps and a whole UI to implement next. XD

What else has happened... ProtoCON was a success. Enjoyed meeting some designers from out of state and exchanging ideas, and exploring new designs from local board game designers. Global Game Jam at UVU was a success. It was basically just like a Utah Indie Game Jam. I enjoyed the Sonic movie and I'm looking forward to the sequel. SaltCON was epic and I miss it. I miss a lot of things. I suddenly had a really open schedule this year. They took out the volleyball court and I have a conspiracy theory that our new CEO did it and I don't know if I can ever forgive him. I released a BESM module and it made 25$ which is cool. So now I am technically a professional author, even though I haven't finished my novel yet. The novel is still underway, I just need to finish the GMing I agreed to do in order to get my module playtested (which was not easy to do in this pandemic), and then I will get back to rereading it and taking the beta reader's feedback and doing a final pass so I can put it up for sale online somewhere. We sold our rental property and got what will probably be our lifetime high score in our bank account, before we spent it all getting out of debt as much as we could. Oh and the company I work for released a new game called which is like animal jam but for an older age group. 

That's about it! Feel free to read on for time travel followup, or comment with any questions. :) 

I was elated to finally get a response after trying to reach out and find that my comments and further questions were answered here:

I will post my comments here and also in a comment to that post since I think we have finally reached an understanding. I have no more major questions and here I post my final opinion on the Replacement Theory of Time Travel. 

Regarding conservation of matter, a writer could also easily handwave away the problem by stating that an equivalent amount of matter/energy is sent to the future.

Regarding my final thoughts on the C-D timeline, I believe I have at last grasped a more full understanding of the replacement theory. The C-D timeline must exist even if it is doomed because in your theory, the effect is not changed until the cause is changed, and even though the cause was in the timeline that was destroyed, it still exists at that amount of time in the future, waiting to be confirmed (N jump) or not (Infinity loop).

A story using your theory could have a time travel "battle" mostly the way I imagined it. So let's say there are two scientists, and our protagonist, scientist A, is trying to save the universe from the evil scientist B who wants to destroy time. Scientist A could simply stop scientist B in the middle of their attempt by recognizing that they had jumped back and forcing the original younger scientist B to jump back again in order to prevent time from being destroyed. However to make it more interesting (and because it is unlikely our protagonist could have this foreknowledge), let's say scientist A can also time travel. For drama, let's say they race to be the first to jump to the past, and scientist A jumps just a millisecond before scientist B. In your theory there can only be one history of the universe, so whoever travels first is the one who controls time, replacing it moment by moment with the new chain of cause and effect, and it doesn't matter that in the old original destroyed timeline, scientist B would have jumped a millisecond afterwards. Well, I suppose it does matter in some cases, e.g. if scientist A creates a new future that allows time to continue (by recreating their jump in order to prevent an infinity loop), but without stopping scientist B. So then the scientist B's jump now succeeds, and they may now proceed to destroy time.

A story using your theory could not have a time traveler from the original history's destroyed future jump into an infinity loop to save it or anything like that.

A story in which scientist B is highly capable and successfully destroys time would end on a strange note. Scientist B arrives in the past and immediately kills their younger self. They then stand there, looking at their watch and tapping their foot until the time of the jump arrives, and then they close their eyes and fling their arms wide, blissfully embracing the abrupt end of their existence.

"The part people don’t get is that having arrived in the past the time traveler has created an entirely new history, and that history replaces the original one (hence the name “replacement theory”), moment by moment erasing the events which had occurred and replacing them with new ones." -M. J. Young

One final interesting thing to note. I find that in your theory only one timeline of the universe may exist, but upon completion of a successful N-jump, creatures in that timeline may have memories from other timelines.

Unless I have misunderstood, and what you actually theorize is that the moment you kill yourself in the past, you find your memories are getting destroyed, moment by moment.

Regardless, I appreciate your consideration and illumination, and look forward to browsing your future works. I will endeavor to do my utmost to message you ten years in the past if I figure out time travel first, and I will plan to recreate/avoid interfering with my jump in the new future it creates, just in case you are right. :) 


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