TwitchCon 2019

Last weekend, LucidDancer ( and I went on a crazy road trip to San Diego from Salt Lake City for TwitchCon. 

I got to meet some stream friends (, lemmiecat, obstkhanisar, nucaheart, dirigitive, JaneTV, Kintinue, and many others. I was accepted into a hackathon where we worked with twitch devs to make a twitch extension. 

We didn't win anything but we completed a small project to show off to the judges and streamers browsing the venue. It was pretty well run except for dealing with the reimbursement/TicketFairy folks. The Twitch Developer invite-only party was really good. The Twitch Party was alright; better if you're a fan of concerts, or have a buddy to go with. Blink 182 did a good job. 

Got to hit the beach and see some sights on the ride back. It was pretty fun!

Photo album:


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