vazor222 (vazor222) wrote,

IGDA Meeting at Apocalyptic Games and Water Polo

Here are some rough notes on starting up as an indie game development company.

good: talk to everyone, have a purpose,

paying for people and not keeping them on task

using tools that are not yet mature

make sure you understand your budget

not budgeting/planning for marketing

investor thoughts:

is it fun

can the team do it

will it build a following

crowdfunding? try:

Also I started Water Polo as a new main hobby because I believe it is the best exercise for me. Doing something fun, being active, and playing a game. It gets a little competitive (got hit in the face with a ball this week) but I can forgive that.

Anime nights were going for a while but the shop closed down. Banzai is coming up and I'll be doing panels for it. If you want to help let me know!

Party Cards is still going but the following and momentum from Gaming Con didn't transition well to bgg blog. May have to give up on it but if it wins an Ion Award maybe a publisher will pick it up.

Tags: 2017, anime, crowdfunding, game development, igda, indie games, party cards, water polo
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