vazor222 (vazor222) wrote,

Happy 222 Day!

Today is the annual celebration of creating things as a means of generating happiness and having fun. Global Game Jam went well this year except for the power outage. It's crazy how much difference a sleeping bag makes when you're basically out in the cold because the central air stopped working.

I am working on a card game that was inspired by something my friend Ian said at the jam. I am also working on a feature for the freespace open project. Later this year I plan to make something that will allow peers to rate interest in ideas and projects and yearly goals for me to focus on in the future.

Here are the games that were made at the jam.

Also I started a new livestream, Ask Vazor which you can find here:

Feel free to post about your creations to celebrate today! #222day

Tags: 2017, 222, 222day, ama, ask me anything, ask vazor, freespace open, global game jam, livestream, party cards, talk show, twitch, vazor222
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