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donut diet

This past month I tried another crazy diet experiment. For this one the idea was to keep my blood sugar high while still losing weight. To accomplish this I had donuts and candy throughout the day but limited myself to about 500 calories a day (a ~1500 calorie deficit). This is certainly not recommended by any health people I know. More details after the cut.

I of course also took a multivitamin every day, and I would have cheat meals about once a week. Weight and fat loss progressed like so:

Starting week: 183 lbs, 24%

end of week 1: 172 lbs, 23%

end of week 2: 170 lbs, 22%

end of week 3: 170 lbs, 22%

end of week 4: 167 lbs, 21%

I felt like the diet was effective, showing that for me, calories are more important than blood sugar. Everyone is different so it may not be true for you. I feel like the diet slowly made me more and more sick as the month went on, perhaps from lack of salt or something else my body needed, but perhaps because of all the sugar.

For the hardcore, here are some unfiltered hairy fat shirtless man before-and-after photos:

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