vazor222 (vazor222) wrote,

Casual 24 hour game jam

Here is the result of Austin West's casual 24hour indie game jam in Utah. There were 3-4 of us +2 offsite so we just made one team and they all decided they wanted something creepy so here is a creepy prototype game.

APK file for android phones for use with Google Cardboard: The Boy and the Father

I mostly sat on the sidelines while they worked out designs, then tutored Austin on scripting. I did do a simple "turn" script for the doors and the cross. Austin and the others took care of all the visuals and everything.

Tags: 24-hour game jam, android, bible, church, creepy, creepy games, game jams, game prototypes, ghost, google cardboard, googlecardboard, googlevr, interactive experience, interactive experience design, priest, psalms, spooky, vr
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