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DodgeClouds is the 11th SOWN2014 prototype for the month of November.

The core idea was a simple whimsical idea I had while flying, and observing how the airplane just went right through clouds, and how the clouds create an interesting pattern. The idea is not really experimental this time, but more of an exploration into cloud and flight physics and creating a game experience based on those things.

The object of the game is to find your way to certain "target" locations while avoiding clouds. Use the A and D keys to bank left or right. Your position is indicated on the top left, and if you stray off the field you will wrap around to the other side. Note that the game takes a few minutes to load.

Lessons learned:

  • clouds reduce visibility and can have turbulence (though clear-air turbulence is also possible anywhere), and can also contain dangers such as ice and lightning, and so most pilots avoid them in order to deliver as smooth a ride as possible

  • clear air turbulence

  • cloud seeding

  • weather air movement

  • types of clouds

  • ice and stall speed

  • why planes bank instead of using a rudder (rudder is not enough to change a plane's direction of travel, it can only spin a plane in place and keep the plane from flying sideways; unlike boats they go too fast and air is less viscous than water so the rudder on airplanes is only there to keep the plane's nose pointed in the direction of travel)

  • clouds drift at wind speeds (~10 mph), airplanes cruise at ~500 mph

  • latitude is abbreviated with phi and longitude is abbreviated with lambda

Wish list items to add with more time:

  • play in the y dimension (pitch)

  • gas/thrust/stall speed/ice/de-icing features

  • avoid other planes

  • jet stream modeling

  • mountain waves modeling

  • better plane visual model

  • thunderstorms

  • better flight physics (allow clouds to mess with lateral stability, introduce rudder)

Tags: airplane, clouds, dodge, dodgeclouds, experimental gameplay, flight, game design, game mechanics, interactive experience design, sown2014, turbulence
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