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Here is a short interactive experience for the month of September. This month has been busy with many meetings, events, and a terrible neck strain injury, but I'm feeling better now, and I managed to complete something, which I'm happy about.

Formative is an educational game about how we gain personality in our formative years. I have often pondered just how much power these random moments from our youth have over us, as I observe the behavior in pets and reflect on my own memories.

Reading up on the subject inspired one theory about how it might work. Under this theory, your brain becomes wired a certain way and is certainly difficult to change but not impossible (even physical chemical addictions can be overcome, as I understand it).

Play on to discover how I imagine this might work. (Warning: may require two or three different browser attempts, as it uses newer HTML5 technology.)

PlayCanvas is an interesting, if still young, engine which I may come back to. It is sort of like Unity3D in a browser. I don't like the way they want to host everything, but they do give download and local options for most everything I can think of. Creation was fairly painless, but there are plenty of obvious shortcomings and some bugs for them to work out still.

Thanks for reading!

Tags: 2015, adolescence, experimental gameplay, formative, interactive experience, neural net, playcanvas, sown2014, synaptic pruning
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