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Here you go, the game project for the month of August: StealIdeas!

This is a game where you steal ideas from other developers. It helps explore what that might be like and I hope that it helps potential developers think about what they would want to do to defend themselves from such an attack, if anything.

The game is pretty humorous and was quick to hammer out thanks to Twine being pretty straightforward. I've gotten pretty familiar with it now. It succeeds in putting you in the shoes of an idea thief, which isn't too surprising, but still fun. It does a great job I think of helping people understand the types of things they should research if they're worried about this. The numbers are probably way off, though (all of them were pulled out of a hat or at most a quick google search).

I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment if you find any glaring mistakes or just want to post your thoughts on this subject.

Tags: 2015, copyright, game development, game ideas, ideas, patent, stealideas, stealing, trademark
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