vazor222 (vazor222) wrote,

Experimental Gameplay Project - Gost

For the Experimental Gameplay Project for April I did something a little bit different. This time I had an artist to help! The theme was REPEAT. I started off trying to work something in Construct but was frustrated because it wouldn't work right on my home computer (home computer's fault, not Construct's). Because I thought I was doomed to spend 90% of the time on learning the engine again, I kept the idea really really small. The first iteration of this game was a couple of GUI Buttons you clicked on with a little text output telling you the order. Then, Jolie emailed me and I realized I was going to have to work a lot more on this project due to putting in art (and, in hindsight, her ideas). So I switched to Flash since it was a system I was already comfortable with. The idea developed from there with suggestions from both sides making an excellent final experience for only 3 days of work.

Check out the game at the link below and comment here if you like! (Also again sorry about no GDC Report- it is done and posted at my work but not here.)

Tags: construct, experimental gameplay, flash, gost, repeat
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