October 15th, 2015

yupaleap, nausicaa, yupa

The VOID Beta Test Experience

Like lonecoder posted you couldn't see anything when they put the helmet on, until they started it. Having the 3D gun tracking nearly 1:1 and having the firing be so responsive was the thing that impressed me the most.

I disliked that the walls weren't 1:1 (this usually broke the immersion for me) and unlike the above post I appreciated touching- I had my hand on the wall a lot, and I wanted to physically interact with more things. I was disappointed they didn't have the touch panel working yet (like they show in the video), but they have done a great job.

The moment that really sold me was when I went out on the balcony and it really felt like I was looking down and had gone outside. It was so immersive- up until that point it felt like a cool video game experience. At that point, I forgot I was in a warehouse, and achieved a real feeling of virtual reality.

Overall I would definitely pay to attend more than once a year (assuming they have a good content flow in place), and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who doesn't get motion sick by VR. It was super cool seeing your friends turn into virtual avatars and going on an adventure together, and I can't wait to go again and try the other experiences.